Light Switch – Plugin for WordPress

Light Switch plugin will enhance the site contents vision to your visitors. Turn off the light to any content like texts, images and videos, or any other content you want.

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TweetMe! Pro – Plugin for WordPress

TweetMe! Pro for WordPress easily transforms any text portions of your contents in twittable links with a cool style. TweetMe! Pro will encourage people to click on them and so increasing traffic on your web site.

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WP Social Expander – Plugin for WordPress

WP Social Expander is a powerful suite of tools for WordPress to quickly promote and grow your social popularity.
WP Social Expander Plugin includes: Unlimited Social Docks, Promote Sharing Overlay + Total share counter, Promote Sharing Overlay, Facebook Like Booster, Content Selection Sharer, Save to Facebook Tool.

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WP Instant Compare – Plugin for WordPress

WP Instant Compare plugin allows you to compare in one click two different images and to apply on them 50 Instagram-like photo filters included.
Show your works and highlight the visual differences you’ve made never has been so simple and customizable.

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WP Filterize – Plugin for WordPress

Make in one click your images unique, captivating, and beautiful with 50 Instagram-like photo filters. With WP Filterize, you can compose the perfect photos for any post, page or blog featured image. Forget Photoshop and long editing processes!

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